Your investment project:

AN INVESTMENT PROJECT IN REAL ESTATE SHOULDN’T BE IMPROVISED, IT OUGHT TO BE PREPARED. Budgeting, choosing the most appropriate location, calculating the borrowing capacity, creating a funding plan, calculating the return on investment, understanding the tax system and the inherent charges are the many steps that we will look after and make easier for you.
OUR GOAL : Finding the property that best corresponds to your budget and making it easier for you to understand the key factors to make a simpler choice. You enjoy our expertise and our skills to help you to achieve an optimal property investment, turnkey, without necessary travels.

French authorities do not express any reservations on the purchase of French property, however the status of non-resident or foreign buyer is subjected to specific rules both in terms of funding as well as tax. Investments aren’t less profitable, quite the opposite !



The wise man gives his utmost care at the root..” – Confucius
We accompany you from the beginning to help you see clearly and master the ins and outs of your future property investment.


The preliminary steps are crucial to the smooth follow upof your project.

We meet you a first time in order to:

  • Understand your needs and goals
  • Examine your asset position to advise you appropriately
  • Identify your priorities
  • Ensure about your budget and solvency
  • Collect specifics about the adequate property
  • Provide advice



We will analyse your criteria, prioritize them to present a selection of properties having in common :

  • A location with high added value
  • A low vacancy rental rate
  • A quality environment
  • A relatively easy funding
  • Maximum profitability



As far as rental investment is concerned, the purchase of new-build property has many advantages: :

  • Notary fees are less expensive between 2 and 3% in new-build property against 7 and 8% for an ancient property.
  • Accommodations that consume less energy, while respecting demanding environmental standards
  • A modern accommodation, well-designed including disabled access standards
  • Exemption of land-property tax for the first 2 years
  • Guarantees such as : phonic, ten-year guarantee of proper functioning. You are certain not to bear additional costs related to various repair and refurbishment



Personal contribution, loan capacity, terms of the loan, … To maximize the access to one’s investment, establishing a funding plan is a priority.

the keystone of your project.

We assist you to evaluate :

  • Your future expenses
  • The necessary contribution to your project
  • The monthly deposits associated with your debt ratio
  • “The effort rate” to estimate


We ensure to provide an appropriate funding* as soon as possible
*subject to standard approval from mandated banking institutions


Administrative steps being numerous, we ensure:

  • The whole of your project’s follow-up
  • Making easier the formalities from abroad
  • The planning of the notarised agreement signatures
  • The direct communication with tax experts and lawyers

Your entire project is managed without for you the necessity to travel with english speakers people at every steps of your project




For a rental investment, peace of mind and profitability are only guaranteed with a swift renting out and competent management.

We ensure :

  • The furnishing of your flat.
  • The connection with a renowned property management company for a furnished or unfurnished rental
  • The possibility to do works
  • The assistance for tax advice and declaration