PATRIMOLINK was born from three principles :

  • Investing in bricks and mortar is the preferred investment of most people
  • Distance and non-resident status make all transactions difficult: choice of the asset, obtaining funding, notarised agreements, signature, furnishing, management.
  • No professional on the market intervenes without additional fees to be paid by the investor.

PATRIMOLINK makes it possible for anyone, French national or not, to purchase real estate in France, easily, from his country of residence FOR FREE.
We act as a facilitator of your real estate investment, we remain attentive to your needs and provide an efficient and close follow-up.

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Rental investment is often perceived as being kept for the privileged few, yet, it is actually accessible to all (singles as couples) and to all budgets.

It is advisable to start a rental investment project as soon as possible. It will be earlier amortized, repaid and will open up the door to other opportunities. Begin a real estate project enables to build up assets and to form additional

income, nowadays necessary, in view of our own retirement and/or descendants’ future studies.


A dynamic team – Strong partners

By your side and in your time zone, our advisors attach importance to establish confidence relationship and a closed follow-up enabling advice and comfort all along your project.

Our network of renowned partners enables us to respect the investments fundamental values: reactivity, safety, efficiency and viability.

«We help our customers define the needs and objectives of their futures property investments. We help them to finally materialise a project often let aside and postponed. Our mission: to offer, structure, make easier and ensure the wholeness of the project’s follow-up. We offer goods with excellent added value and are apt to intervene on the funding, furnishing and the renting out of the purchased property. Customer’s needs are our priority. We have dedicated and adapted our services to ensure the remote management, without constraint, of all property investment from abroad».

Céline Vidal

Founder/ CEO

Expatriate for 16 years in Asia, Céline graduated with a double master's degree in Wealth Management and Project Management. Céline founded PATRIMOLINK 9 years ago with the desire to bring expertise and quality support to an exclusive audience of non-residents. She will be able to respond perfectly to all your real estate issues in an international context, while applying the global approach to wealth management.

Nina Ferrari-Tourné

Back- Office Manager

Graduated with an Honors Bachelor in International Business from the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, Nina has been an expatriate for more than 13 years. Nina joined Patrimolink after 4 years of experience in the UAE where she worked for a renowned international airline through which she developed her keen sense of organization and customer relationship management by always and steadfastly aspiring to excellent service and quality standards.

Pauline Grasset

Marketing Manager

Expatriated for more than 10 years in Asia, Pauline joined PATRIMOLINK to develop the company's digital marketing. Graduated with a double master's degree in Political Science and European Administration, she has worked in the communication and marketing departments of several international organizations in Europe, Latin America and Asia. She will be keen to provide you with relevant and quality information to enable you to invest serenely and efficiently.

Élisa Pretet

Real Estate Investment Advisor

After 8 years in development and commercial performance consulting for companies in France and Asia, Elisa joined PATRIMOLINK more than 5 years ago where she successfully supported many clients in their investments in France from abroad. A graduate in Law, Economics and Management at the University of Jean-Moulin Lyon III, and accustomed to international issues, Élisa will provide you with confidential and tailor-made support based on her expertise in the real estate sector.

Michèle Guillemin

Real Estate Investment Advisor

Expatriate in Dubai, Michèle joined PATRIMOLINK to combine her past experience in banking with her passion for real estate. With a Master's Degree in International Development from Neoma Business School, she worked for more than 14 years in a large international bank, first in financing and investment activities, then in the investor relations teams. She will be able to use her expertise to support you in the success of your real estate investment projects.




Flat or Individual House

You accede directly to the ownership of a real estate property that will enter into your asset portfolio and you will then decide to rent it out bare or furnished (advantageous from a tax perspective). This directly or through a reliable management company that we can propose you.

Service residences

It is a half way between a traditional furnished rental and a hotel. Your property is located into a group of properties dedicated to rental. You rent out your property to a manager who will then, take care of all the residence management by providing the furniture and some services with the communal areas.
An investment in a service residence (for students, seniors, etc. …) enables you to purchase without tax (-20% VAT).

The tax system is attractive (It is the “LMNP” status in French) thanks to this, you can earn rental income with very little or no tax imposed for years.


Ownership without usufruct

The investment in a property without usufruct allows you to benefit from very advantageous financial and tax dispositions.

You invest serenely without having to face maintenance and management constraints during the whole period of such term.
Ownership without usufruct consists in benefiting from a lower acquisition price and a certain profitability through the mechanical gain in value (the progressive gain in full ownership) and a potential valorisation through the property market.


This process allows you to limit the impact of the added-value, since during resell, this value is calculated on the value of full ownership at the time of the ownership without usufruct.
In choosing this option, you remain however, free to sell your property at any time without losing your already acquired economic and tax incentives.