Article rent control in French Real Estate

More Cities with Rent Control: What to Expect?

    The news has made headlines in the real estate press in recent weeks: new major French cities will join the rent control system. After Paris and Lille, Bordeaux, Montpellier, and Lyon are now affected. In practice, these cities …

definition of Bare ownership article

La Nue-Propriété / Bare ownership: definition

Investing, capitalizing, preparing your future income: messages often expressed to us non-residents, rightly so. With the current economic situation, real estate investment in France represents a secure investment opportunity, both for building a solid heritage, protecting your family, and generating additional income. There are many ways to purchase a property: investing in bare ownership, still relatively unknown, offers multiple advantages. We discuss it here.

are you buying at the right price?

Investors: Are you buying at the right price?

    The relevance of the purchase price of a property is logically one of the main questions an investor asks. Often the first reflex, an internet search for a price per square meter in a specific area, shows that …