«Very pleased with the turnkey service proposed for this purchase that fulfils all my criteria.A tailor made support without intermediary charges that I recommend.»
Alexandre, 39, lives in Hong Kong, July 2015

Paris 14th district.
417 000 euros / 10 662 euros/ m2
Car park: 1 parking space underground
Profitability: 3.10%
Rent with furniture: € 1 060

« Wanting to invest in Paris, I finally chose a property in the immediate suburb right outside the first ring of Paris for profitability reasons, the square meter cost and a promising liquidity. From the financial set up to the preliminary sale agreement’s signature, I was assisted wisely, and this, in spite of my many business trips. Delighted with the turnkey service and by the tailor made support provided by PATRIMOLINK. »
Alix, 39, lives in Shenzhen – June 2015

Le Plessis Robinson (92)
440 700 euros/ 6 211 euros/m2
Surface area: 70.96m2
Car park: 2 parking spaces underground
Rent: € 1 348
Profitability: 3.85%

« After having often postponed our investment project, we met Céline who has selected the property we needed and run all the administrative formalities for us. We have even named her our “coach for property investment”. The property management company advised by PATRIMOLINK has taken less than a month to find tenants with an effort-rate of € 350/month. »
Michele & Luc, 37 & 35, live in Hong Kong – May 2015.

Geneva border
€ 225 800/ € 4 174/m2
Surface area: 54.1 m2
Balcony: 9.90m2
Car park: 2 boxes underground
Rent: € 974
Profitability: 5.23%

« Both of my children having chosen to study at EM Lyon, I have invested in a wonderful flat in Ecully. I found in PATRIMOLINK an ideal partner to do this investment: available, responsive and efficient, I have been guided and advised at every key steps. Icing on the cake, I’ve benefited from a furnishing service: ideal for the taxation of my property income and very useful when we come from Bretagne. »
Brigitte, 55, lives in Hong Kong- April 2015

Ecully (69)
€ 199 600 / € 4 350/m2
Surface area: 45.89m2
Car park: 1 parking space outside
Rent: € 790
Profitability: 4.75%

« That’s it, I am owner! Very pleased about my first investment in Lyon. In Hong-Kong for several years, my relationship with French banks were non-existent. PATRIMOLINK has obtained for me a funding with a personal contribution + fees of 10% which fits perfectly with my little budget. With the furnished rental, this property costs less than € 100/month. Ideal. »
JB, 29, lives in Hong Kong – February 2015

Lyon – Campus de la Doua
€ 118 000/ € 3 933/m2
Surface area: 30m2
Car park: 1 parking space outside
Rent: € 580
Profitability: 5.8%

« Already owner of two apartments in France purchased before our departure, we wanted to complete our investment with two catchwords: profitability and liquidity. Céline, has perfectly understood our project, has supported us very professionally and efficiently. »
Sebastien & Marie, 39 & 35, live in Hong Kong – December 2014.

Seine et Marne (77)
€ 246 100/€ 2 607/m2
Surface area: 94.4m2 / Garden: 49.96m2
Car park: 1 parking space outside + 1 garage
Rent: € 1290
Profitability: 5.93%

« I have been waiting for several years before starting an investment, even knowing it was a wise way to place funds. I have been disappointed several times, not finding a trustworthy intermediary, until I meet Céline and Camille from Patrimolink. In less than 6 months, I was signing for the acquisition of 2 properties (Studio and T2) in the 2 cities I had selected. Patrimolink has provided an exceptional service, fast, and perfectly corresponding to my original brief, and above all with trustworthy people. I recommend without hesitation. »
Isabelle – Hong Kong

Cenon (33)
€ 205 800/€ 4217/m2
Surface area: 94.4m2
Rent: € 572
Profitability: 4.18%

Toulouse (31)
€ 120 462/€ 5769/m2
Surface area: 20.88m2
Rent: € 333
Profitability: 3.98%