Article rent control in French Real Estate

More Cities with Rent Control: What to Expect?

    The news has made headlines in the real estate press in recent weeks: new major French cities will join the rent control system. After Paris and Lille, Bordeaux, Montpellier, and Lyon are now affected. In practice, these cities …

definition of Bare ownership article

La Nue-Propriété / Bare ownership: definition

Investing, capitalizing, preparing your future income: messages often expressed to us non-residents, rightly so. With the current economic situation, real estate investment in France represents a secure investment opportunity, both for building a solid heritage, protecting your family, and generating additional income. There are many ways to purchase a property: investing in bare ownership, still relatively unknown, offers multiple advantages. We discuss it here.

article real estate profitability calculation

How to assess your real estate profitability?

  Profitability is one of the key topics of an investment project, and it is also one of the most debated. Highlighted with enticing figures by some sector players as a selling point, it is nonetheless delicate to grasp to …